I make Creative Commons Media

I’m working on my “elevator pitch.” Here are a few ideas:

  • “I create and publish Creative Commons media to empower people to freely share and build upon knowledge and culture.”
  • “I make and distribute Creative Commons works because everyone deserves access to openly licensed creativity that inspires learning, innovation and self-expression.”
  • “I produce Creative Commons media so that knowledge and art can be freely remixed, reused and built upon by all.”
  • “I publish under Creative Commons licenses because they enable the growth of a thriving global commons of shared culture and ideas.”
  • “I create and release Creative Commons content to realize the full potential of the internet as an open platform for collaboration and creativity.”


I make music under various genres and run a “record label” (now a full publishing company) called Approaching Utopia.


My current music project. Sort of glitchy lo-fi house type stuff made out of found sounds and samples of old records.

Approaching Utopia

A Creative Commons publisher of music, literature, software, etc.


Game Design

I have a Bachelor of Applied Science (5 year) Degree in Game Design from Indian River State College.

OpenKIDD Framework

OpenKIDD is a tabletop role playing game framework that empowers kids to be the heroes of their own adventures, inspired by their favorite books, movies, or games.

I Hate Red Squares

A mobile game that was a cross between Air Hockey and Flappy Bird.



Sometimes I write short stories and poetry.

Short Stories

Sometimes I write short stories.


Sometimes I wrote poetry.